Resistance Training & Aerobic Exercise

Resistance training, or strength training, is used to build strength in the muscles, anaerobic endurance, and to increase the size of muscles in the skeleton. It is based on the theory that muscled will overcome resistance when this is required – a theory that has been proven to work. With consistent resistance training, your muscles will become stronger.

If you want your workout routine to be well-rounded, try to include strength training along with aerobic exercises. This will not only improve the function of joints and increase muscle strength, it will also improve cardiovascular systems and flexibility. To get the best results of resistance training, it is recommended that you do these activities at least three times a week.

There are different ways to curate your training to your body. The number of sets, repetitions, exercises, and the frequency of your workout all make a difference to your results. The intensity of the exercise and the amount of rest you take between sets can also determine how fast and noticeable your results are.

Types of Resistance Equipment

If you don’t know what to use for your resistance workout, there are many different things to try. You should always try to use the proper form when working out and think about goal setting spring tx professionals can help you with. This will not only help you get results faster – you will have a trained professional that knows about each type of equipment and how to use it properly. Without this help, you could suffer injuries.

Some equipment to use when training includes:

·    Free weights

·    Medicine balls

·    Resistance bands

·    Weight machines

·    Your body weight

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·    Suspension equipment

Start getting your body where you want it to be with resistance training for your overall health and strength.